Derrik Jordan / Vermont Symphony Orchestra
Derrik Jordan


Although I began my musical life as a singer-songwriter inspired by The Beatles, I am primarily drawn to world music these days, particularly African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Brazilian and have been writing pieces that marry those influences with classical players. I am a multi-instrumentalist (electric violin, percussion, guitar, kalimba and piano) and singer-songwriter. I have released many CDs and had the very good fortune to study percussion with master drummer Milford Graves who opened my ears to world music in the mid 1970's at Bennington College where I also studied composition with Henry Brant, Vivian Fine and Otto Luening.

I was commissioned by The Vermont Symphony Orchestra to write a piece ("Odzihozo And The Lake") which was performed in 10 venues around the state in the fall of 2009. Also my piece "Sky Mirror" for string quartet, shakuhachi and electric guitar was awarded the Shakuhachi Chamber Music International Prize 2008.


Here is a list of what is on this 11 minute demo of excerpts from five of my recent world fusion/classical works:

1. New Horizon from "Odzihozo And The Lake" performed by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra in on Oct 3, 2009

2. Making Waves (excerpt) from "Odzihozo And The Lake"

3. Dark Matter (excerpt) from "Four Unknowns" for string orchestra and 3 percussionists. 

4. Quantum Chaos (excerpt) from "Four Unknowns"

5. Monkey Mind (excerpt) from "Four Unknowns"

6. The Clown Prince (excerpt) from "Five Gamelans For Brass Quintet."

7. Mountain Of The Gods And Goddesses (excerpt) from "Five Gamelans For Brass Quintet."

8. That Buzzing Is The Ancestors Singing (excerpt) from "Welcome Santo" for string quartet, kalimba and shekere. 

9. Floating Clouds (excerpt) from "Sky Mirror" for string quartet, shakuhachi and electric guitar.

10. Everything Is Alive (excerpt) from "Sky Mirror."

Andrew MacGregor - shakuhachi, Derrik Jordan - electric guitar
Derrik Jordan


"Everything is Alive" is the third movement from my 1st world fusion string quartet "Sky Mirror" which was awarded the Shakuhachi Chamber Music International Prize 2008. The instrumentation is shakuhachi, string quartet and electric guitar with effects. It was written in three weeks in Feb 2008 on a deadline for a composition contest that was being held in Australia, the purpose of which was to write pieces to expand the repertoire for the shakuhachi, setting the instrument in a classical chamber group. As part of the prize package it was performed and recorded in Melbourne Australia in December 2008.

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